Michael Hengl


I advice executives and coach senior leaders and their management on how to increase effectiveness and efficiency by igniting the collective intelligence of their institutions.

I founded 1492.// consultancy in the early 90´s and focused on "Swarm Intelligence“ long before social media and the management 2.0 became buzzwords.

1492.// is a centre of excellence focused on strategy, leadership and performance culture - by unleashing the collective genius of an eco-systems.

My work at 1492.// has received scientific acknowledgement, published as best practice in the Harvard Business Manager and a proven track record as an executive advisor gaining  quantum leaps in their performance, by using our collective intelligence methods.

1492.// Institute of Management provides exceptional bespoke executive education „curricula's“ to perfectly fit strategic needs.

1492.// The Collective Intelligence

Web   http://www.1492.at/

Mail   mh@1492.at